Brett Rheeder wins Vienna Air King 2013

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This past weekend took place in Vienna its crowdy 'Vienna Air King'. An event where large crowds gather to enjoy the best global dirt in the center of the city.
This time the victory went to the Canadian Brett Rheeder of only 20 years old. The second place was forr the Belgian Thomas Genon with a great performance. Sam Reynolds was 3rd, followed in 4th and 5th place by Antoine Bizet and Anton Thelander.
pavel vienna air king 2013 203mm
Best trick award was won by Pavel Alekhin Vishnevly who has a great performance at White Style and continues his strike with a supersick flip barspin to barspin to tailwhip. Here are the videos. Enjoy!


Video The Wings Of Downhill - DIRT Sneak Peek

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motionfilms logo 203mm

MotionFilms continues step by step the shooting of his Downhill, Freeride, Dirt... film The Wings of Downhill. We saw the extended trailer and now we can see the sneak peek from their trip to Barcelona where they shoot a session with Sherwy, Sabi, Marin, JC, Arnau Nadal... and of course Bienvenido Aguado and Andreu Lacondeguy.

motionfilms the wings of dowhill dirt compo 203mm

motionfilms the wings of dowhill sherwy 203mm

motionfilms the wings of dowhill machine 203mm

motionfilms the wings of dowhill rider 203mm

This film looks rad hope to see the complete film soon.



Do the Harlem Shake DH Style

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If you were living in a cavern for the last month, and you just plugin your internet connection, you'll be wondering what the hell is this Harlem Shake! It's the internet last viral. A 30 seconds vid where some ramdom Joe starts to dance wearing a helmet and when the music changes everybody in the room start to move and dance wearing costumes and or undressed. 
Like Sam Pilgrim says, we're in it for the fun. So here're some videos doing the Harlem Shake in Downhill style. If you've recorded a Harlem Shake video, feel free to post it on the comments or on our Facebook wall! 
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