Race XX Gran Premio Sant Andreu 2013

Ya están confirmados dorsales con nombres tales como: Guardiá, Spagnolo, Etxebarria, Carballo, Oulego, Pekoll, Vargas. sin duda el XX Gran Premio Sant Andreu será una vez más la gran fiesta del Descenso y tendrá lugar el próximo fin de semana 9 y 10 de marzo.
The official debut of our dh team the 203mm DH Team will take place at the most famous Downhill Race in Spain Sant Andreu 203mm DH Team. Our partners  The Bike Village will be there to help out with the set up of the bikes and selling components and parts.
This is the complete planning for the race:
Saturday 9:
9:00-14:00 & 15:30 a 18:30 .- Inscriptions.
9:30 a 13:30& 15.00 a 18:00.- Free training sessions.
20:30 a 22:30.- Party!.

Domingo 10:
7:30 a 8:30.- Official training session.
8:45 a 9:00.- Opening leg.
9:00 a 11:30.- 1ª Clasiffing leg.
12:00 a 14:30.- Final Leg.
15:00 a 15:30.- Podiums.
Feel free to ask for further information at
Here's the video we made last year

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