Video Trek World Racing Stories - Episode 0.1

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The new and remodeled Trek World Racing team debuts webseries after passing through the Sea Otter Classic. They start with the pilot episode webseries or 0.1, where we see Brook Macdonald, Greg Williamson and Neko Mulally  tell us their experiences in the Sea Otter DH and why they chose their DH bikes to run on a track so smooth where many riders choose their enduro bikes.

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Video galore Trek World Racing Profile Team

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After Aaron Gwin leaving Trek World Racing its Team Manager Martin Witeley did his best to build a competitive team. Here are their presentation videos.

Brook MacDonald 7th at the World Cup, 8th at the World Champs, last year got his first victory at a World Cup Race. 

Neko Mulally is one of the young bloods that will be at the top in a close future. His best result is the 14th place at South Africa World Cup.

Justin Leov moves to the Enduro scene to race the 'Enduro World Series'.

George Brannigan left DaVinci to join Trek. Hope this season has better luck with the injuries.

Greg Williamson is the current Scotish champion. More young blood to the team.


Neko Mulally - Making The Positives Steps

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This is the 4th year for Neko Mulally racing for Trek World Racing and his progression is going upwards.
Last seasson hi finished at 15º place at South Africa WC, and achieved the 5th place at SeaOtter. Then he was injured at the US Nationals and while he was recovering he injured his shoulder training at Whistler that took him off the season definetly. 
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